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Roll & Restore at Oyster Bay Yoga

Yoga is the best, the greatest really...but do you ever feel like your body just can't manage another Warrior 2? Are you walking around with tightness that your usual exercise routine doesn't alleviate? In this workshop we'll explore targeted fascia release of the shoulders, back, and feet and get into rolling through some tight muscles that are always 'on' more than they're 'off'. After that I've got an hour long Restorative practice planned to give you more time and space to ground and relax. All levels welcome: everyone from 'I run marathons!' to 'what's fascia release?' Seriously, this workshop is to provide you tools to integrate into your daily life so we can all walk a little more easily and feel way more comfortable in our bodies. Come with questions or simply for a new experience. 

$45 per person (10% off for members)

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Advanced Flow Deep Yin
6:15 PM18:15

Advanced Flow Deep Yin

Join me for a 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga class specialized for the advanced practitioner. Don't think you're an advanced yogi? If you've been practicing for some time and want to learn new postures but haven't seen any in class recently, now's your time to flow, push yourself hard, and work for the challenge! The practice will move you through a funky flow and tackle advanced binds, backbends, and inversions.

You do not have to come with the goal to do a perfect handstand by the time you leave! You only need the desire to play, explore, and get ready to go deep into your mind and body. The workshop will end with a deep Yin practice to balance us out. Come for the challenge, come for the flow, or for advanced modifications you can take back to your favorite open level class!

Where: Loom Yoga Center Bushwick
When: Saturday August 5th, 2017 6:15 PM
How Much: $30 pre registration // $35 at the door // Members get 10% off
Register: loomyoga.com/bushwick/workshops

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New York Triathlete Special!
to Sep 1

New York Triathlete Special!

New York Triathletes!

Yoga and stretching can help your post-race body and prevent stiffness and injury. You worked so hard to make it through the swim bike run, don't forget to take care of yourself after crossing the finish line! If you're interested in creating a stretch regimen that compliments your weeks of Tri training, consider a session I've designed just for my fellow Triathlete competitors!

If you competed in either the NYC Tri or the Lighthouse Tri on July 16th, you'll get a discounted yoga and stretch or Mat Pilates session with me! One on one or small group sessions available. We'll discuss your overall arc of progress during your training, get to stretching and breathing, and set some actionable flexibility goals for your next race or just day to day life. Show me a pic of you with your medal or bib number as proof of competing. Email RLAyoga@outlook.com for details and scheduling or DM me on Instagram @RLAyoga | Open to NY residents only.

A little about me: My triathlon career is still quite new (Sprinting since Summer 2016) but my Yoga and Movement career is not! I was dancing nearly everyday I trained for the first Sprints I did back in 2016 and can almost guarantee that stretching and release work was what got me through it all. I'd love to share my knowledge with you and have your next Tri feel better and be stronger! #allthingsmovement

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2:30 PM14:30

Inversion Basics: Mind, Muscles, & Feet

Photo by Jaqi Medlock

Photo by Jaqi Medlock

Inversion Basics: Mind, Muscles, & Feet

This workshop will provide you with tools for tackling inversions and low level arm balances often found within the structure of Vinyasa classes. Foundational support and preparatory exercises are just as important as completing the pose! We will address the mental strength and necessary focus to cultivate our (inverted!) positive outlooks that are essential for any beginner looking to take your practice upside down! Planes of movement and muscle engagement will be explained in select asanas and we’ll talk about how your feet might be the last puzzle piece needed for a successful, inverted balance! This workshop is designed for Beginners through Advanced Beginners however all levels will be welcomed!

Asanas addressed will be headstand, handstand, bakasana, hasta vakrasana, and koundinyasana.

Come to play, come to learn! Let’s move past mental blockages to find freedom of movement within your practice!

When: Sunday May 22nd 2016 - 2:30pm

Where: Loom Yoga Center

Cost: $35 per yogi - Early Bird Special!! $30 if registered before May 1st!

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to Jun 30



Yoga with Rachel - RLA Movement is happy to announce SLIDING SCALE private sessions booking from April 1st - June 30th*. $45 - $55! Cash, check, or Venmo accepted.


Dancers! We can work on movement patterns to benefit your active bodies and create a healthy warm up/cool down routine.

Advanced Yogis! Discover fun and interesting transitions for your practice. Work for details and depth in challenging postures of your choosing.

Beginners! Learn the basics! Get oriented in the foundational aspects of a yoga or Pilates practice! Boost your knowledge and confidence to jump into a group class!

I'm offering to you quality instruction at an affordable price! Private sessions are not solely for people with excess money to burn! Let's assess your body's needs and cultivate a practice that benefits YOU!

Visit the CLASSES page to book or email RLAyoga@outlook.com for inquiries!

| All things movement, with your health in mind |

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